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...and how much time do your websites have?

What can pose a threat to websites?
  • low accessibility
    Everybody has surely experienced server failure. However, if the websites are inaccessible too often, users will try their luck elsewhere. In the case of repeated inaccessibility, the websites can even be rejected from search engines.
  • slow downloading
    Connectivity, hardware performance and website code optimization are the most frequent factors playing a part in download speed.
  • loss of data
    Data form the base of each website. Regular back-ups with a recovery option provide security in the case of data loss or damage.
  • dangerous domain
    If the domain is not sufficiently secured, website content may be faked. If you chose a .CZ domain with DNSSEC security, the hazard can be eliminated.
  • non-functional technical support
    If you are already dealing with a technical problem and the technical support does not work as it should, it increases the risk of your websites being off-line for long periods of time.

The user enters a web address to the browser, i.e. enters a requirement to download the website. The requirement must then run a long way during which the downloading can be affected by several factors.


People are better at remembering names; computers prefer numbers. With a safe .CZ domain, you can rest assured that your command will be directed to the website you want to reach.


Webhosting is a service which allows easy website presentation to the whole world. Webhosting accepts the user´s requirement, processes it and then ensures data download from the target servers.


Servers are the places where data are physically stored. Servers accept the requirement for the download and compile the answer which they send back to the user. If no complication appears, the user can see the site in his browser.

Did you know that the .CZ domain
is the safest domain in the world?
36% of them uses the
DNSSEC securing.
The domains allow us to access to websites
via meaningful names; we do not have to
remember numbers of target server IP addresses.
DNS (Domain Name System) translates the names to
IP addresses, which allows the display of the
required websites.
Test if your .CZ domain is safe (DNSSEC)
and ready to accept new technologies (IPv6).
The testing may last several seconds.

IP addresses ensure computer location within the Internet. However, the number of currently used IP addresses, version 4 (IPv4) is running out. If the domain also supports the IPv6 addresses, you need not worry about future inaccessibility of your websites.

Due to the DNSSEC securing, the user can be sure that the website displayed on his or her computer is complete and provided by the right source and that it was not breached or modified during the transfer. Simply put, the acquired data are credible.

Did you know that the number of
new .CZ domains registered
last year increased by nearly
20,000 every month?
With more than one million registrations, the .CZ
extension is the most popular domain name among Czech
users. Worth noting is that the number of .CZ domains
grew more than tenfold in the last decade.
The .CZ domain extension translates into world leadership in safety.
Featuring DNSSEC security, .CZ domains meet the most demanding
criteria for advanced website safety, which is one of the reasons
why no fewer than 52% of business and institutional users rely on them.
A .CZ domain is therefore the preferred choice for your website as well.

Did you know that 51% of companies
terminate their business activities
after a loss of critical data?
Thanks to webhosting and the security of the .CZ domain
extension, placing your website on the Internet is a breeze.
Quality webhosting is a natural interconnection of
state-of-the-art technologies, security services and
people on whom you can rely at any time. All these factors
help to keep your websites on-line.
Technology The reliable operation of web sites
depends on the quality and age of the
used technologies. State-of-the-art
technologies always represent an
advantage in the on-line world.
Services Safe services with good
accessibility as well as regular
data back-ups should be the
priority when choosing your webhost.
People Technical support is here to help
you if you happen to face any
troubles. If they can look after
you, they can also look after
your websites.
Did you know that 9 out of 10
webhosts in the Czech Republic
do not achieve common
accessibility of
Servers are computers adapted to operate in the 24/7
mode. In order to keep up with this load, they have to be
built of high quality components. Servers are operated in
data centres and connected to the Internet via spine
connectivity. Monitoring prevents server failures and
ensures their trouble-free operation.
Data centre Data centres form the base for providing
quality webhosting services. Your data
are physically stored here, which is
why they should meet the strictest
security standards.
Connectivity Connectivity connects you with
websites. If the required interconnection
is not provided, you stay off-line.
Monitoring Continuous supervision of the servers
significantly reduces the risk of
overloading, failure and hardware
malfunction, which increases the
total accessibility of the websites.
It is easy to stay on-line!

Try the ONEbit hosting:
  • common accessibility of services exceeding 99.99 %
  • safe domains with DNSSEC and IPv6
  • prompt technical support
  • state-of-the-art and high-performance servers
  • guaranteed satisfaction
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